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Find Matlock Bath and Life in a Lens

With Derby to the South and Chesterfield to the North, Matlock Bath is easy to find on the A6 about a mile south of Matlock itself and is accessible from the M1 via junctions 29 (from North) and 28 (from South). Our museum is in the centre of the village in one of the tallest buildings. The ground floor of our building is occupied by our 'Victorian Teashop' which is the entrance to the museum and an added bonus for visiters – so is easy to spot.

Parking and the railway station

The map on this page will help you to locate us and whether coming by car, railway or other means, you should have little difficulty. It is possible for much of the year to park on the main road in front of the museum or thereabouts (although parking is restricted to one hour). There are also large car parks at each end of the village just a few minutes walking distance from the museum, as is the railway station and coach park.

This link will take you to the 'streetmap' web site where you can see a map of our village and our exact location. You can print out a map if you wish: Pinpoint Life in a Lens Return here by closing the window.

  Life in a Lens – map    

Our opening times

Our museum opening times are now concurrent with our 'Victorian Teashop' entrance which is subject to the various difficulties inherent to Matlock Bath – such as the village's hopeless reliance on some sort of weird, weather dependent seasonal approach that clearly does not work but is far too entrenched to change anytime soon.

If making a special visit, we strongly recommend you telephone in advance as Matlock Bath is a very difficult place in which to run an ordinary timetable – God knows we've tried.

It is also worth noting that on some Sundays in the Summer we may be closed because the atmosphere can be in conflict with Matlock Bath's historical past and with what we are trying to achieve here. However, this is usually the case for only a few Sundays and during Summer and Autumn we recommend weekdays as the best time to visit Matlock Bath if you want to see it at its best.

Opening times at a glance

November and December: Weekends only until Boxing day –
11.00am to 5.00pm

Boxing Day to early January we are open most days –
11.00am to 5.00pm

The rest of January until May: Saturday, Sunday and Monday –
11.00am to 5.00pm

Summer: we open Saturday, Sunday Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 11.00pm to 5.30pm

The museum is usually open when the Teashop is open but noe always. If
in doubt please telephone.

Entrance is currently £1.75 for adults, £1.50 for children and £1.50 for OAPs

Special Bookings

We encourage special bookings from colleges, schools, clubs and care centres, but we can no longer organise evening trips as these have proved difficult and costly to run in the past and rather than support the museum, were more likely to help it's closure. Thanks to all who came though and I hope we entertained you.

Life in a Lens – entrance hall
Beyond 'The Victorian Teashop' is the hallway entrance to the museum. Welcome!
Life in a Lens – weather
Jubilee Bridge – Matlock Bath
The Jubilee Bridge.
Matlock Bath
The village from the cliffs near High Tor.
Life in a Lens – hat  
  Life in a Lens – box    
    The 'Life in a Lens' Museum of Photography & Old Times – above the 'The Victorian Teashop'
114-118, North Parade, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire DE4 3NS Tel: 01629 583325
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